We understand.

We make tough boots for tough customers. And we know how hard your work is. You’re on your feet all day, slogging through harsh chemicals, organic compounds, leaks and spills. You’re exposed to hot and cold climates and cover miles and miles each day, often carrying heavy loads. Walk a mile in our boots and experience the Heartland difference. Our industrial footwear stands up to everything you do. Plus, they are designed with your comfort in mind. Lightweight, rugged, dependable. Heartland Footwear – Simply the best boots on the market.

Heartland Footwear Inc. Environment Illustration

All Heartland products and materials are Made In The USA

We care about the future. 100% of Heartland Footwear’s excess manufacturing materials are recycled in house. When you are finished with a Heartland boot, our products can be recycled.